About us

Me: Mother. Wife. Writer. Food-lover, but not a foodie — there’s a difference. Wannabe baker and blogger. 

Nora: Daughter, 8 years old. Dancer. Vibrant. Sassy. Smile-maker.

In December 2011, we found out that there was a good chance that our younger daughter, Nora, had celiac disease. By February of 2012 it was confirmed.

We have spent the past year just figuring out how to get by in this new gluten-free world. Now that it’s almost 1 year later, I can say that the GF world is now fully our own. We have found the foods we like and the restaurants we can count on.

Sure, it can be a pain, daunting, and even downright depressing at times. But it’s all worth it because Nora’s most recent celiac test was almost back to normal, non-celiac levels.

So, now it’s time to step it up. I’m branching into more gluten-free cooking and finding so many recipes that taste great, and give me the satisfaction of knowing that I can still make delicious gluten-free meals and goodies.

Want to share our journey? On a similar gluten-free path?  Follow me, and we can figure it out together. 🙂

Share the love!

I’m so new to gluten-free cooking and baking that I could always use new ideas. Have a recipe that you think is the bomb? Email me your recipe at growingupgf@gmail.com, and if it gets a thumbs up from our family, I will post it here!

Enjoy and stop back often!



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